do you like mail exchanging ?
how about writing virtual letters ?

if yes, you may have noticed how difficult it can be to prepare a cute email, since most platforms have poor integrated tools and limitations to prevent inconsistences between different devices.
even by coding html there still are some restrictions on how much you can format an email, so it is a bit hard for beginners.
i love sending cute virtual letters to my friends & family, so i made this template to help those who need. editing it on a big screen is easier, but i did my best to make it work for small mobile screens too. it has a good size, it's readable and clean.
feel free to use and customize it as you like, no credits needed !
( linking to this site would be appreciated though )

instructions for use : customize the colors and images as you wish, then select & copy the template as it's displayed here, and paste it on the "compose" box in your email platform ( not all of them allow you to paste content, sadly ). the formatting should appear even on mobile, so you will be able to edit all the texts, add / remove lines and even reposition the images as your heart desires
if interested in deeply editing things here, feel free to change the html code itself for then copying your modified template !
main text color :
accent text color :
link style color :
top lace image :
bottom lace image :
inserted photo :
emoji images :
recipient's name

this is an example text. you can write whatever you like here, and things should stay properly organized within the template width. it adapts automatically according to the screen size !

this is a text with an accent color
this is a bold text and an italic text and a small text
this is a style of link with color and a bold style of link

this is a photo properly inserted in the template :

these are some of my emojis from :
more graphics can be downloaded at
cute symbols can be copied at

please enjoy your email template

sender's signature